About Me

I've been in the software development game for a long time, since 2007.
I gained a vast experience with both backend and frontend development. I'm an expert Python developer (including writing custom C extensions to Python and contributing a small patch to CPython). I've had my fair share of JavaScript development as well.
I started to get interested in Machine Learning in 2017. In 2019 I've switched to doing it full-time and never looked back. Neural networks are my ML tool-of-choice. I am an evangelist of using TFX framework for MLOps.
Google Cloud Platform is my favourite deployment environment (I'm a Google Cloud Certified Professional Machine Learning Engineer).
I'm an experienced speaker and teacher - I've conducted numerous presentations and workshops over the years. I have also published a few articles about Machine Learning and MLOps.


Working remotely

I'm used to working remotely. I've been doing it since 2020.

Get In Touch


I'll be happy to discuss your ML needs over email.